By: Lilli Blakmore

Bored with your professional look? Here’s how to liven it up while staying well within the bounds of business attire.

We hear it all the time when men are looking for a professional look. Women have such a wide range of acceptable business wear, while men are stuck with the same old options, day in and day out. Same suit, same shirt – the only options they have are when it comes to picking out a tie.

The ways to personalize your business wardrobe are almost endless.

Anyone who thinks that clearly hasn’t seen what men’s fashion has to offer lately. It’s true that men’s professional attire can be more subtle than women’s, but it’s in these subtleties that the variations really start to shine. Just take your basic, two-button suit. Choices of color, fabric, and pattern all contribute to a unique look and style. In the business world, men can look distinct without being flashy, overly bold, or outrageous.

That doesn’t mean you need to stick with the same wool or cotton suit, in varying shades of gray, though. A rich royal blue, a shining black silk, or a light, warm brown will speak volumes without coming across as loud or non-conformist. Of course, if you’re feeling confident, why not go a little less traditional? Go for a brighter combination, a bolder pattern. When a business man can pull of a noticeable style with charisma and charm, nothing looks more impressive or professional.

Professional Style

If you’re feeling bold, let your style show it for a professional look.

As to the same white or blue shirt, have you been shopping lately? Even the choice of white shirts can affect the overall tone of your attire. Warm white twill to go with your camel colored silk, or cool white cotton and gray Bertolini? Even these subtle distinctions can change how you go about your day, so don’t take any of them for granted.

But let’s set suit and shirt options aside for a moment and consider all the other ways to personalized your business wear with professional accessories. Of course there’s the obvious choice of tie, which adds the most noticeable splash of personal style to your attire. Consider though that smaller touches, like a stunning set of cufflinks, can contribute a lot to your look without taking up much attention. Whether it’s showing your favorite hobby, an important element of your personal life, or just your impeccable sense of style, Small choices like these will help you to stand out in someone’s memory in the best possible way.

The proper suit demonstrates professionalism, but the right accessories show self-confidence.

Professional Style

Don’t err on the side of caution when it comes to business accessories.

So if you feel any sense of boredom in your professional wardrobe, it’s clearly time you treated yourself to an update. Say goodbye to the stuffy suits you thought gave an aura of professionalism and replace them with ones that portray your own, individualized style. Add some colors, prints, and accessories that say something about you. After all, your job requires your unique talents – shouldn’t it also involve your unique look?

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