Giovanni Testi Ascot – Gold


New exclusive collection of “Giovanni Testi” Ascots.

New exclusive collection of “Giovanni Testi” Ascots are made of high density woven microfiber, stain-resistant and come with a 1 sq. feet matching hanky.

  • Wearing an ascot is an effective way to make you look charming, elegant and sophisticated.
  • Wearing ascot is a great way to take the edge off your luxurious style for when the occasion is not as Black-Tie formal, but you want to be well Dressed-Up. Not to mention the comfort it offers. It just feels great!

These high-class ascots are made of high density woven microfiber, stain-resistant and come with a 1 sq. feet matching hanky.

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As the hip but a relaxed sense of fashion is dominating American men’s fashion these days, the challenge remains in the balance of comfort and style. Ascot tie is a great way to not look sloppy but elegant ala mode. In terms of patterns and strong colors, you can be as bold as your ambitions because ascot is a more casual accessory than ties or bowties. You shall always match the ascot color with your outfit but lucky you, abstracts and contrasting patterns come to the rescue. 

Recommendation I: A classic light color Linen suit, solid color Barrel-Cuff dress shirt with contrasting color ascot, and matching shoe & belt possibly no socks (Depending on the shoe style) Now, you’re ready for your cruise on a beautiful yacht.

Recommendation II: A pair of Enzo denim jeans, solid light color Mantoni shirt, any color of your choice ascot, and matching shoes & belt. Simple and chic with a loud bold statement. 

Men’s Ascots & Cravats  – The ascot tie can be said to be the predecessor to the tie or bow tie. The ascot developed from the cravat in the late 19th century, when the European gentry began wearing cravats more informally. Cravats and ascots are very similar, which can cause some confusion. To distinguish between them, you could say that the ascot tie is an untied cravat that you tie yourself. The cravat is more like a tie while the ascot’s knot is best likened to a half-finished tie knot. Tying an ascot like this is referred to as a creating a ‘day cravat’ that is normally under the shirt collars for both wedding and every-day occasions.

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