Freedom to Wear the Same Cloth to Work Daily

Choosing what you wear daily is precipitated on the freedom to express and present ourselves to the world. Today more people, irrespective of social standings, are gravitating towards the trend of wearing more casual outfits. This is upturning previous misconceptions that the rich must wear expensive clothing.

Freedom to wear
Moda Italy Mantoni, Enzo and accessories.


The idea of wearing uniforms to the workplace has been in place for quite a while. The business world is becoming more accepting of the idea that smart people can choose to wear the same outfit to work every day, with the key concern being placed on comfort. This idea is even more persuasive as the idea of what is appropriate to wear or not. The challenge of what is appropriate and what is not can be best dealt with a constant and regular outfit style that is deemed acceptable to the organization.

The freedom to wear whatever you want, or the same outfit to work might seem like an easy choice but albeit, a stressful one. You can always want to look fancy, professionally stylish, and different while still wearing the same type of outfit over and over again.

Whatever informs your choice of outfit for work, highlighted below are few reasons you might want to consider wearing the same style of outfit to work.

Reduce the stress of making decisions

Former US President Obama stated in an interview in 2012 that he wears only grey or blue suits because he’s trying to reduce the decision he makes. He stated that he doesn’t want to make wardrobe decisions.

Also, in recent times, Mark Zuckerberg and many other celebrities are adopting this style.

Although we can’t escape making decisions daily, if we reduced the number of things we have to decide on, it might help increase our productivity.

Moda Italy Mantoni Enzo and accessories
Mantoni dress shirt Enzo jeans.

Knowing what looks good on you

Having uniform wear will help you recognize what fits you the most. Although, it takes most people time to find their desired look either for work or various outings.

The key to achieving this is recognizing what cloth looks good on you and what makes you comfortable, and confident.

Reduce your wardrobe size

Most people need to focus on what matters the most in their wardrobe. Having a uniform will make you selective of the wears that are necessary.

A large wardrobe will make you indecisive, and can also make your wardrobe crowded with items you don’t need.


Having the freedom to wear the same thing to work, doesn’t mean one should be casual and rough in his dress sense but rather provides you the opportunity to be yourself and It says your employer trust you enough to let you make the right decision. With all you wear, you should always look professional, confident and elegant.

Rachael Watson


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