How to land your Dream Job, Part Two (Creative Jobs)

Getting your dream job in the creative industry is not quite so much of a delicate dance as it is in the financial industry, more of a tango. In addition to your smash-hit portfolio of software demos, funky-fresh design graphics, and award-winning prose and short stories, your wardrobe can speak for you just as much. The trick is getting it to say the right things.

It can be tricky finding the right balance for an interview in the creative field. Different facets of the industry will require different levels of originality, individuality, and style. For jobs with internet software and design based companies the dress code will likely be slacks, bright colors or patterns, and a pair of sensible but stylish shoes (brown or red leather will pair most easily with the variety of colors of slacks you have to choose from). Sneakers are for joggers and work-from-home types, not creative’s.

Once you’ve got the job the sky is the limit as far as accessories go. We’re talking ties, bow ties, suspenders, Tie Bars, Cuffs, and patterned socks. Before the interview it will benefit you to check out the company’s website. Reflect on the message that they are trying to convey and do your best to choose your wardrobe accordingly. Specially company’s thyme color. (Exp; Chase is Light blue & Navy.)  What you want to do is hit the sweet spot between casual fun and strictly business, and depending on the position you are seeking you will have to determine what the median dress code for the company will be.

As a suit is mandatory for those seeking positions in business and finance.  A blazer or sport-coat is a must-have for those applying for work in the creative job industry. It can serve to tone down an outfit which would otherwise be too loud, or to dress up an outfit that otherwise lacks a defining stroke. The best part is that it makes even off-the-wall pairings look professional if the colors in the jacket compliment your shirt, tie, bow tie, and or suspender combination. This year we are seeing a resurgence of double-breasted jackets and plaid or print-design sport-coats. They are appearing first in the always-trendy creative field.

As far as the lower half, a pair of crisp, properly fitting jeans is acceptable, as are slacks. The world of men’s jeans has ventured into slightly more colorful territory in the last two years and it is now more common to see variations of salmon, red, and green on the streets in trendy neighborhoods. Pastels are in and even colors such as yellow and baby blue are becoming popular. Paired with a light colored sport-coat and a complimentary tie you can really get a lot of color combinations in your “uniform.”

Bow ties are also becoming increasingly popular, and, as with shirts, the variety of designs and colors available is quite large. Knit ties are perfect for casual wear or in semi-casual work environments and because they are still somewhat of a rarity they are sure to be an attention getter no matter where you go. Check out our website for deals on knit bow ties in a wide array of colors.

Remember, most people dress for the job they do, few dress as the man they want to be.

Stay tuned for part three, interviews in the service industry!

By: Christopher Daly

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