Mantoni Super 140 wool Suits

The “What to wear” for a job interview can be a daunting and alien process for many men. What kind of shirt should I wear? Are jeans alright so long as they’re paired with a button down? Should I go with a full suit or a blazer? Two button, three button, or double breasted? And what about the tie, should it match or would it be better to go with a contrasting pattern? The answers will vary based on personal taste, the industry you are seeking to enter, and the position for which you are applying. On top of that, what to do about the second interview? Is it alright to re-use the blazer, tie, or shoes? In today’s diverse market of financial, creative, and service industry jobs what is acceptable or even lauded attire in one field would be potentially fatal to your chances in another.

What to wear

For those seeking high-power jobs in finance nuance is the name of the game. A business interviewer will look for several subtle signs which let them know that you are confident.  They are looking for  a team player.  There are a few key stylistic differences which can be exploited.

A dark navy or charcoal two-button, slim fit suit conveys a sense of gravity that is necessary when handling others’ trust. A crisp, white button down will never go wrong, and it’s advisable if you’ve gone a few months without purchasing one to go ahead and buy it new. No thought should be required on whether or not to wear a wristwatch; you should, and it should be no more than 3/4ths the width of your wrist.

In jobs in consulting or advising the devil is in the details. To show off your individuality and personal style, a pair of cuff links and matching tie bar will set you apart from the rest.  Gold on navy or silver on grey is also a good way to go. Sometimes, five applicants have the same level of training are seeking the same position. It comes down to the impression created by the individual in the end; one small addition can give you the edge that’s needed to land a position in highly competitive markets.

Most men dress for the job they do, few dress as the men they want to be.

Stay tuned for Part 2: tips for the creative market…

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