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For those seeking a dream job in the hospitality industry there is a bit more leeway with what one may wear than in the creative or professional world, but that’s no reason to walk in wearing flip-flops and cargo shorts! Today’s job market is not what it was thirty, twenty, or even ten years ago. There are now younger, college-educated job seekers in America than ever before, and because it requires a pre-existing connection and/or years of unpaid internship in order to land jobs in the more competitive fields, many of these young people turn to the service industry in order to gain the experience they need.

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This means that even jobs which could be considered “casual” or part-time are now highly sought after. For those interested in securing a position in the service industry there WILL be competition.

So, how can wardrobe choice influence the outcome of the interview?

Outward appearance will be used as a marker of competence in the service interview just as it would be in a financial or creative interview. An un-tucked, wrinkled, or stained shirt will not get far.  A casual-wear such as the cargo-shorts and flip-flops mentioned above should be avoided. A clean, neat appearance will convey a sense that one can keep it together when the pressure is on.

Enzo Jeans

A clean, pressed, button-down shirt and a simple but smart tie or bow-tie will impress upon the interviewer that the applicant is mindful enough to be a responsible and diligent worker. Pants should be slacks or a pair of good jeans and shoes should be free of dirt or scuff marks. As always the belt should be selected to match the shoes. Colors and patterns should be simple and straightforward. What should stand out is your courtesy, your ability to respond to questions, and your enthusiasm. Do not have a logo on your t-shirt or a wallet-chain hanging from your back pocket.

We hope you have found these segments helpful and informative, and if you have any questions regarding etiquette or proper attire feel free to write to our staff or stop in for a personal consultation! Your satisfaction is our business!

Remember, most men dress for the job they do, few dress as the man they want to be.

Christopher Daly

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